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How it works

pheromone cologne

Does pheromone cologne work?

  • To walk with confidence.
  • To reignite the spark in a relationship.
  • To tap into a magnetism that’s already within.

Our process is scientific.

We infuse our colognes and perfumes with the power of pheromones, a natural enhancement that can trigger a positive response in social situations. A double take. The passerby holding eye contact for a few moments longer. Pheromones are the essence of “the spark”. You lock eyes and, for a reason you can’t quite explain, feel - chemistry. This is why you’re wondering - How does our pheromone cologne work?


rawchemistry perfume

How our natural beauty products are brewed

From our pheromone colognes for men and women to our natural moisturizer, each RawChemistry product is created in micro batches. Massive manufacturers often inquire why we don’t use the industrial, 500 gallon vats most companies opt for.

The reason is simple 
pheromone perfumes and colognes