Sofia Briar Rose | La Femme | 3ft Complete Set

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La Femme


This unique mattress pioneers revolutionary advances in Cooling Technology and is ideal for people that feel hot in bed. Designed to reduce the impact of hot flushes and night sweats, the La Femme mattress is particularly, although not exclusively, targeted towards women experiencing the symptoms of menopause.

As a non-turn mattress, every fibre above the pocketed spring core is natural and adheres towards 3 core principles; temperature control, moisture management and enhanced vertical airflow.

All layers of the La Femme mattress have been substituted with natural fibres. A revolutionary vertical airflow layer that promotes excellent ventilation and temperature regulation throughout the mattress, aids a much cooler sleep. Natural fibres, each with their own inherent coolness story, including Alpaca Wool, Bamboo, Cotton and Tencel, work in harmony to disperse heat and wick away moisture to help the sleeper stay cool and dry all night long.

The La Femme boasts an Egyptian Cotton tac border with embroidered handles and air vents. Last but not the least, a viscose cotton, Naturally Cool cover is hand-tufted securing the superior fillings for enhanced longevity giving this mattress a 10 year life.

  • Super breathability
  • Finished in a 100% viscose cover to wick away moisture
  • Egyptian Cotton stitched border with embroidered handles
  • Eco-friendly, hypoallergenic construction that is beneficial to allergy sufferers