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Maximize your anabolic state and force-feed muscle tissue with Ada-Load. By more efficiently shuttling carbohydrates and nutrients faster into your muscles you will get better pumps, muscle endurance and expedited recovery times. This is also a great product for pre-diabetic individuals to help regulate blood sugar levels.

Super Berberine(Berberine-Cuclodex-trin Complex) 375mg
Gymnema Sylvester Lead Extract 75%(providing 206.25mg pr gymnemic acids) 275mg
Bitter Melon Extract 10%(fruit) 250mg
Na-R[+]- Alpha Lipioc Acid 200mg
Cinnulin PF -Cinnamon Bark 125mg
Capsorp (Sodium Caprate) 50mg
Vanadyl sulfate Pentahydrate(yielding 2mg of Vanadium) 10mg